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BAGS SPORT, founded in Genoa in 1985, has always operated in the nautical and underwater sector with products of high technical level. 

Founded in 1985 in genoa, the bags sport has always operated in the marine industry as dive manufacturer for different international brands.
In according to needs and demands market the bags sport is specialized in design and implementation of technical diving products as bcd's. , regulators, lifting buoys.

Passion and desire to develop new technologies, techniques and ideas to making better and easier relationship between man and sea has made the bags sport the leader industry in manufacture of bcd's. A long collaboration with the 'major companies of the underwater world has allowed to develop many products during the years, given a great contribution to the growth of the industry both on technology and security.

We can claim the paternity of bcd's very known and appreciated as:

  • Scubapro / t - line: black-t, t-force, etc

  • Mares / vector line : vector 1000, vector 840 vector pro

  • Seac / pro line: 2000 pro - tech pro, pro lady

  • Seac / icaro tech

  • Beuchat

  • Coltri sub

today this professional knowledges ’are directly available to all those
customers who are interested to buy innovative products of high quality with competitive prices, without intermediates, «directly from the manufacturer to consumer».
Manufacturing process and control are those used for the production in wide scale.

Equipments are the most modern and sophisticated in existing trade.
The highest quality materials must overcome all the checks and tests before start the production process.
The final result is quality and innovation

Bags Sport

Diving e Safety products line


Neo's Bag

Neoprene bags line


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